Loose Lips is a collection of unique stories in the form of a zine, that touch on shared complications of what having a vulva is like.
This was a collaborative project that was started in the hopes of acknowledging experiences that are beyond cis and heteronormative values that unravel the true realities of what having a vulva is like. The zine Loose Lips aims to recognize our genitalia for how it functions and offers us pleasure. Through conducting surveys, interviews, and submissions of art pieces, poetry and personal stories, this zine was created to show an array of individual perspectives to unite common complications.

The zines were printed with risograph to capture both strength through the vibrance of pantone colors, and fragility through the organic misalignment of print that is apparent in this style of printing.
Through our initial research, 60% of the individuals who participated in our survey claimed that they could not identify any or all parts of the vulva. In a sleeve attached to the back of each zine, a vulva shaped mirror is included that encourages readers to acknowledge and explore themselves.
Loose Lips

Watch capstone presentation here.
Collected research
Conducted surveys and interviews
Editorial design
Content organization
Logo refinement

Photography by Maggie Horton
Cover Illustration by Mary Wojnar
10 weeks (2020)
Maggie Horton
Mary Wojnar
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