Dreams have always had a special place in my heart. I see them as an alternate world, where my subconscious is able to explore hidden realms that my conscious mind is often too busy to think about. I have always had incredibly wild and intense dreams that are too abstract to try and analyze or tie back to real world experiences. A few years back, when remarking about my dreams, a friend brought up the phenomenon of lucid dreaming. For her, when she dreamt something so bizarre that it couldn’t happen in real life, she became aware that she was dreaming. I became so fascinated by the idea that one could become aware of dreaming within in a dream that I decided to teach myself the practice of lucid dreaming.

This book serves as a personal exploration of lucid dreaming. The excerpts I have compiled range from articles studying the science behind dreaming, to interviews and experiences of conscious dreamers.

This book was a hand bound, solo project. Two copies were made.