Mayo is a Gen-Z facing skincare brand that uses a bold and fresh visual identity, designed as a departure from industry clichés.
We took existing packaging and printed our own label designs onto them. (And painted the lids red!)

Because photography is such a big part of what brings a brand to life, we decided to take every photo, no mockups!
Mayo Skincare
Brand Identity + Website

Watch capstone presentation here.
Brand Identity
Web Design + Production
Packaging Design
10 weeks (2020)
Koko Morrill
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Koko and I are both half-Japanese, and much of the visual language, including the eye-catching red color, is inspired by Kewpie Mayo, a Japanese mayonnaise company. The modified Kewpie mascot we created as the face of our brand originates from an illustration by Rose O’Niell, which was later used to promote women’s suffrage. As two women in an adjacent field to O’Niell, discovering this felt like a validating serendipity.
We built out a website where all the products and images we designed can be seen. Anyone can browse our products, but if they try to buy one, the “cart” page will inform them that this is a design project and will encourage them to reread the “our story” page, where the full story of the making of this fictitious brand is told, as well our direct-to-consumer brand research.

Visit the site here.